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What You Didn’t Know About Your Users: Google Analytics Secondary and Custom Dimensions

By , Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing

Google announced on 11/21 that they are enhancing their standard analytics reporting to provide deeper insights. Many new secondary dimensions have been added, along with custom dimensions that allow you to bring in business data that brings additional clarity and context to your data analysis.  Custom dimensions is a new Universal Analytics feature, so make sure you have it set…
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Happy 4th of July from PPC Hero!

By , Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing

Just to help you celebrate the long holiday weekend, here is some of our latest and greatest content, including guides, The Compass, and our new site: The Five Laws of Great Social PPC Ads [Free Guide!] Google AdWords Optimizations Post-Enhanced Campaigns [Quarter 2 Compass] PPC Hero Pro: Premium apps and content to help you master your accounts    
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The End of Paid Search As We Know It?

By ,

Our PPC ecosystem is probably going to be changing soon.  On June 25th, the Federal Trade Commission sent off a warning shot to a bunch of search engines, and it will most likely be reshaping the real estate on which our careers and lives (and senses of self and self worth {etc., etc.}) are built. Here’s the main thrust the…
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MichelleMSEM’s Q&A with an AdWords Rep About the New Ad Rotation Settings

By , CEO at Hanapin Marketing

This post originally appeared on MichelleMSEM and is cross-posted with permission from @michellemsem. For those of you who keep reasonably up to date with the goings on in Google AdWords, you’ll know that they’ve recently made some changes to the ad rotation options. The original 3 settings were: - Optimize for Clicks - Optimize for Conversions - Rotate evenly The…
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PPC News Roundup for March 4, 2011 – Au Revoir!

By ,

Au Revoir, Adios, Aloha Goodbye! The PPC News Roundups have been part of our family of posts for four years, but, at last, we must say goodbye. In an industry where things are constantly changing and evolving, we know we must do the same. It is hard to say goodbye, but we've developed an even better system of keeping you,…
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