PPC and Excel go hand in hand. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or macaroni and cheese. Or tortilla chips and salsa. Ok, you get the picture. Basically, you can’t (and shouldn’t) do one without the other.

We know how important Excel is to you, as well as the many struggles and time sucks you encounter in PPC. So, we’ve put together a number of resources (ridiculously awesome resources I might add) to help you out and send you on your way to becoming a better PPC marketer. Once you’re more savvy with excel, you WILL be a better PPC marketer. Not only will it help you do account work and analysis better, but you’ll work faster too.

Here we go:

34 Excel Tricks To Save Your PPC Life – Whitepaper

This whitepaper by Hanapin’s Account Analyst, Rachael Law, covers features, formulas, and shortcuts in excel including pivot tables, conditional formatting, VLOOKUP, character length in ad copy, freeze panes, custom shortcuts, trendlines, macros, concatenate, trim, and SUMIF. It also gives you ideas on what tricks can be used for which task and bonus notes!
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11 Excel Tricks To Improve Your PPC Life – On Demand Webinar

In this On Demand Webinar, Hanapin’s Jacob Brown, teamed up with 3Q Digital’s Oliver Eldredge for 11 excel tricks. I know what you’re thinking “But that whitepaper you just told me about covers 30 tricks!” You’re right, however, the webinar recording goes into some different and new tricks not mentioned in the previous whitepaper. Some tricks you’ll find out about in this webinar recording includes the quick keyword tool, calendar reporting, ad copy testing, dynamic ranges, bid strategy formulas, and graph scrollbars.
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Mastering Excel: The Essential Toolkit for PPC Marketers

What if you could get the whitepaper and webinar recording, plus other resources all at once?? In this toolkit, we partnered with AdStage to pull together all the essentials you would need to become a master at Excel. Along with the whitepaper and webinar recording already mentioned, it includes two example excel spreadsheets (with accompanying whitepapers to explain and teach you how to use the spreadsheet), a couple more whitepapers, and an offer from AdStage.
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