Learn how you can be prepared, what steps you can take for a smoother transition, and how to keep all parties on the same page during a transition between PPC account managers.

Goals Are Being Met

If goals are being met and performance/projects are moving in the right direction, you will have some time to evaluate capacity within your team. This should only be 1-2 days with diligent surveil- lance of account performance throughout. Determine which account manager would be the best fit. To do this, consider vertical experience and the client personality. For example, if your client is very involved and wants frequent updates on progress, pair them with a manager who has proven their ability to operate at that level. Be confident in your choice, as it’s best not to have another transition (at least anytime soon).

The New Account Manager

Once you have come to a decision about who will take over as account manager, make sure they have access to every piece of information possible. In the rare case that there isn’t any information to pass along, delve into the account and change history. Try to gain as much insight as you can prior to the call. Then, set up a call with the client to ensure the correct goals are in place and prioritize your list of next steps and any open items. The more prepared the new account manager is before their initial conversation, the better. Having them lead the call and speak confidently about what they already know, instead of listing off numerous questions that have likely already been answered by the client, will build the trust between the two parties. Only asking the questions that you have not been able to answer on your own will keep that portion of the call as small as possible, so you can focus on building the relationship instead of worrying the client about a lack of knowledge.

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The Best Situation: When You Have A Little Notice

If you do have notice from your exiting manager and you are given 2 weeks, or even better, 30 days, your process will look a bit different.

In the case of an internal transition, meaning your account manager was either promoted, moved into a new position or onto a new account, you could set whatever time frame you need. This is obviously the best situation when it comes to transitions.

Without any limitations, 60 days is ideal. This allows the new AM to shadow the monthly reporting and meetings. The following month the new AM can lead and the exiting AM can attend for support and clarification where needed. The longer the two AMs work together, the more the client will view them as a team and the move will feel seamless.