Budget, goals, results….as someone responsible for your company’s (or department’s) bottom line, those terms go through your mind constantly. Are we spending too much in that area? How can I increase revenue? Should we be doing something differently? Are we hitting goals? Are we getting the right results?

The big question is, what do you do when you see that PPC spend is too high?

In the webinar recording below, President of Hanapin Marketing, Jeff Allen, and Senior Account Manager, Eric Couch, tackle that big question with ideas, metrics, and tactics that will help you realign and make sure your PPC spend is worth it. Don’t be thrown off when you start seeing those red flags; our digital ad experts can help you stay ahead of the problem!

You’ll get expert-level PPC tips like:

  • Metrics to help you decide if your PPC spend is becoming a red flag
  • Ideas and suggestions on how to realign your PPC spend or determine its worth
  • Better tracking and reporting strategies to keep your budgets on a short leash
  • Questions to ask yourself from an executive-level perspective

Don’t let PPC spend become a red flag for your company!

Here is the webinar recording:

Here is the slideshare presentation: