PPC and SEO marketers do a lot of optimizing. We optimize for the click. We optimize to be found and shared. We optimize bids to be as effective as they can be down to the very last penny. But in all this rushing to make sure people go where we want them to, we sometimes overlook the very last piece: How do we get them to buy?

In the recording below, see Kayla Kurtz from Hanapin Marketing and Erik Dafforn from Intrapromote as they demonstrate how the buyer’s journey starts far before they reach your product page, and deliver advanced PPC and SEO ecommerce tactics to make sure your entire funnel is optimized for that final sale.

You’ll hear expert-level PPC and SEO tips like:

  • Consistency! You know it’s a hallmark of good marketing, but what does it mean for SEM?
  • What do bids, dayparting, and click-through data have to do with convincing someone to buy? Everything. Learn how to make these metrics work double duty.
  • PPC and SEO work in harmony to maximize both your ad and your oganic listing position. Learn how to make them work in harmony for making a sale too.

Here is a video recording of the webinar:

And Here is the slide presentation on Slideshare: