From the basics to advanced topics, become an AdWords expert!

Google processes nearly 6 billion searches every single day. Its the largest search marketing platform out there and too big to ignore. Whether you’ve just taken the plunge into PPC or you’ve done it for awhile, Google AdWords was probably the platform you turned to first. As it changes quite frequently, there’s always something new to learn. In this bundle, you’ll learn everything from the ABCs of PPC and the beginnings of managing an account to understanding campaign settings and the basics of targeting in the Google Display Network to remarketing, advanced segmentation for targeting, and automated rules.

Presented by Wordstream and Hanapin Marketing, this bundle includes THREE guides to Google Adwords encompassing the basics to more advanced concepts, an AdWords PPC Glossary, and an additional whitepaper on AdWords scripts. It’s everything you need to begin or continue the path of becoming an expert in Google AdWords.

This bundle contains:

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