Hanapin newsletter: More than meets the eye

By Amber Connor | @alconnor | Senior Email Marketing Coordinator at Hanapin Marketing |

Yesterday I received 142 emails at work. One day…142 emails.

Now to be fair, part of those are group emails funneling in, some are auto-replies, and meeting notifications, but the main point is that we are bombarded by email every day.

As an email marketer, I enjoy subscribing to lots of things to see how other awesome places are doing email. But eventually, the inbox fills up and I find myself doing some clean up with unroll.me. Of course, there are my favs that always stay on the list – the ones that bring true value, the ones I learn from and get inspired by.

We know you want to subscribe to newsletters and emails that help you in your day-to-day, and also deliver that perfect article or whitepaper that will help you with (insert difficult task or new idea formulation) at the perfect time.

We are proud of our content and we want to share our expert pieces with you! Below are the top 5 reasons why our newsletter rocks but mostly why it may be important to you.

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