Category: Client Relations

Use this story-telling device to enhance PPC reporting

You have a client, they want more leads, more sales, more content downloads, more webinar registrations. But there are forces working against them: limited budgets, competition, a poorly designed website, bad creative. The strategy you draft is how you will overcome these forces.

How to Prepare For An Internal Client Transition

Internal client transitions can be stressful, but they don't have to be impossible. In this post, I explore the numerous things I have learned along the way that will make transitioning on or off a new account a smooth process!

How To Nail Your Next QBR

Just seeing the term QBR can make someone sweat. Although QBR's can seem scary, they can be extremely beneficial. After reading this guide, you should see QBR's as a way to get to know your client and their business better, and then jump right into...


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