Live @PPCHero with @Amanda_WestBook:
What’s the value of segmenting by match type at the campaign level?

Join the live stream on PPC Hero’s twitter page (@PPCHero) tomorrow, Wednesday, July 29th at 1:30pm EST for a Flash webinar on segmenting by match type. Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing and frequent Hero Conf speaker, Amanda West-Bookwalter will give you the lowdown on how to use match type segmentation for budget control and keyword mining while serving specific ads and landing pages. All in under 20 minutes!

We’ll be live on Periscope, but you can watch the live stream @PPCHero. No need to register! And if you can’t make the time, the recording will still be available for 24 hours after we broadcast (you won’t be able to access it after 24 hours though!).

We’re excited to offer a new way to learn valuable PPC insights in a short amount of time (because we are all incredibly busy being heroes for our accounts), without having to go through a registration process. We’ve got more coming your way, so stay tuned!

Join the live stream @PPCHero