This year, marketers worldwide will spend a whopping $23.68 billion on paid media to reach social network users… and I bet you’re one of them!

Paid social has literally exploded recently; just a few short years ago, you probably thought you using Facebook and Twitter organically to somehow get noticed was going to be viable in the long term (ha, ha — weren’t we naive?).

You know you need to use Facebook and Twitter ads to reach the right audiences. Maybe you’re even seeing some success in your social PPC campaigns. But are you sure you’re getting the best possible ROI from your investment in paid social?

Boost Your Paid Social Advertising ROI with 10 Awesome Hacks

Thursday, June 25th, join me for an exclusive live webinar, Top Ten Paid Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time, moderated by PPC expert Matt Umbro. Matt’s a senior account manager with industry-leading PPC firm Hanapin Marketing (and a really awesome guy, to boot).

I’m Larry Kim, founder and CTO at WordStream, and I’ve been using paid social on Facebook and Twitter with epic success. I’ve found that you can use social PPC in creative ways you probably never thought possible — for brand building, lead gen, sales, loyalty, and even for PR purposes, to get journalists interested in your content.

I am super excited to lead this webinar with the inimitable Matt Umbro, a digital marketing veteran in his own right. Collaborating with Hanapin Marketing, owners of PPC Hero, on this epic webinar is really like coming full circle for me. See, way back in 2007, when WordStream was just a glimmer in my eye and not even off the ground yet, PPC Hero was my staple industry blog; the one I read religiously and hung on every word.

It’s crazy but so fitting that now in 2015, we’re working together to bring YOU the most impactful digital marketing advice.

Why Marketers Need Social PPC

It’s tough for marketers out there today, especially for SMBs, entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses who are trying to compete with all kinds of publishers and big brand advertising budgets. Consumers have only a limited attention span and it’s super noisy across both search and social networks.

Just how tough is it to connect with hyperconnected consumers? According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013.

That’s right. Goldfish have a longer attention span than your average online consumer.

fish, goldfish, gold, pet, white, bowl, aquarium, motion, isolated, tropical, orange, underwater, color, golden, background, nature, carp, animal, ocean, fishbowlAcross social networks, hundreds of thousands of companies are competing for consumers’ attention in news streams. The sheer noisiness on Twitter and Facebook’s deprioritization of organic page posts have made it incredibly difficult for companies to get eyes on their social content.

And yet, this is where your audience lives online!

SEO and paid search, while super important tactics in their own right, just aren’t enough on their own. The approximately 270 million American Internet users use search engines to query, on average, 127 times a month, or about 4 times a day. That’s quite a bit, but although some of these searches show great commercial intent (especially if they’re on mobile), many are strictly informational.

However, about 28% of our time spent online is in social networks. That’s 1.78 hours per day on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!


Social networks have worked hard to tap into advertising potential of this mass of Internet users who enjoy browsing cat videos, sharing memes and creeping their high school friends’ profiles — and they’ve cracked it, especially on Twitter and Facebook.

The market has proven that social media users do respond to relevant advertising. In fact, they expect to be spoonfed content that is personalized just for them.

Your content can be there using social PPC, square in their faces when people are most receptive, offering super helpful and relevant information.

How Can You Stand Out Using Social PPC?

I’m going to share with you my top ten paid social hacks, to help skyrocket the effectiveness of your campaigns, tap into just the right audience segments, and lower your PPC costs while you do it. Sounds awesome, right? It is, I promise. In fact, if you’re not using these proven hacks to optimize your social PPC campaigns, I guarantee you’re wasting what limited budget you do have available for marketing.

Let’s change that.

Join Matt and I on Thursday, June 25th from 11am to 12pm for a deep dive into the most effective and underused social PPC tactics possible on today’s most popular social networks. You’re going to walk away with a new outlook on paid social and an arsenal full of proven tactics you can put into practice immediately to blow your competition out of the water.

But reserve your seat today — Top Ten Paid Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time is going to book up fast! Cracking paid social is on every marketer’s mind right now and he who gets the edge wins the eyeballs. See you there!

Can’t make the webinar? That’s ok! Register anyways and we’ll send you the webinar recording and slides afterwards!