Category: Holidays

How To Explain PPC To A Non-PPCer

It’s a constant struggle to tailor your explanation of PPC in a way that makes it both easy to understand and relatable. Check out...

5 Fast Fixes For Your Holiday PPC Strategy

Despite the launch of holiday songs in October, the majority of shoppers will not complete their lists until mid-December. To go beyond, over 30% of those shoppers will continue up until Christmas Eve. For digital marketers, this provides just enough time to double down on...

Holiday Promotions Delivered Via Text Message

AdWords recently announced an additional avenue for connecting bargain-seeking customers with the latest holiday deals. This development utilizes a brand new ad format in which relevant sale notifications are delivered directly to a potential customer via text message.

Utilize And Test Holiday Ad Copy

Since users respond to holiday promotional items in various ways, it is critical that your ad copy not only reflect these deals, but also test them.


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